She Fell in Love with a Boss

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Desire: it's a powerful force that can shape destinies or unravel lives.

Katrina Bryant, living as a trophy wife, faces a profound realization—her attraction to women remains despite her marital status. As she grapples with her secret fantasies, her husband Donnell suggests an unconventional solution: opening their relationship to fulfill their individual desires. Caught in a web of temptation and jealousy, will Katrina succumb to her husband's proposition, or will her own hidden cravings lead her astray?

Meanwhile, Olivia Perez, a successful public relations firm owner, finds herself consumed by an insatiable hunger for something more. As she recklessly pursues her desires, the consequences of her actions become clear, forcing her to confront her self-destructive patterns. Can she break free and discover true love before it's too late? Immerse yourself in this captivating tale of two women navigating a complex journey of longing, challenging societal expectations, self-love, and redefining their own paths.

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