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Welcome to Trapped In Tales: Your Gateway to the Magical World of Literature

Welcome to Trapped In Tales: Your Gateway to the Magical World of Literature

Welcome, fellow bibliophiles and wordsmiths, to Trapped In Tales, a realm where the magic of storytelling comes alive! At The Book Trap, we believe that every narrative is a key that unlocks countless worlds. With this vision in mind, we created Trapped By Tales to celebrate the beauty of original short stories, poems, and memories that have the power to leave us spellbound.

Why We Created Trapped in Tales

At The Book Trap, our passion for literature goes beyond curating books; it extends to nurturing the creative spirits of aspiring writers and honoring the art of storytelling. Trapped in Tales was born from a desire to provide a platform for talented individuals like you to showcase their literary prowess and imagination.

Open for Submissions

We're thrilled to announce that we are now open for submissions! We invite you to send us your original short stories, captivating poems, and heartwarming memories. We want to feature the diverse voices and stories that enrich our literary world, turning Trapped By Tales into an ever-expanding tapestry of tales.

What to Expect

As you explore Trapped in Tales, expect to be entranced by a diverse range of content. You will encounter opinion pieces that delve into thought-provoking themes and perspectives, well-crafted stories that whisk you away to fantastical realms, and even updates about the exciting happenings over at LexxiKhan Presents Publishing.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Original Short Stories: We welcome captivating short stories of any genre, not exceeding 1500 words. Take us on thrilling adventures, immerse us in heartfelt romances, or leave us in awe with your speculative fiction creations.

  • Poems: Embrace the power of words and emotions through poetry. Your verses can explore the depths of love, loss, hope, or any theme that stirs your soul.

  • Short Memories: Share heartfelt anecdotes or poignant memories that have left a lasting impact on your life. These touching narratives remind us of the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

How to Submit

To have your work considered for publication in Trapped in Tales, please send your submissions to Don't forget to include a brief introduction about yourself, a link to your social media account, a picture, and your passion for writing.

A Journey of Inspiration

Trapped in Tales is not only a place for you to share your stories but also a source of inspiration. We'll provide insights into the publishing process, tips on honing your craft, and updates on opportunities to become part of the LexxiKhan Presents Publishing family.


As we embark on this literary adventure together, we are excited to witness the incredible tales you will weave. Trapped in Tales is your sanctuary, a place where your creativity takes flight, and your words find meaning. Join us on this magical journey, where the power of storytelling knows no bounds. Submit your works, explore the wonders of words, and together, let's celebrate the art of storytelling that captivates hearts and souls.

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