Essence of Survival

Reclaiming My Essence

Reclaiming My Essence
Do you know that picture of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez where she is smiling in her mugshot? For weeks, that image haunted me in my sleep. In fact, every time I closed my eyes to go to bed, I saw myself in an orange jumpsuit with a smile a mile wide. Then, one morning, I woke up with a plan of action behind it, and that was the day that I accepted the truth. My marriage was over

After being with my ex for almost seven years, I knew that planning my escape was not going to be an easy thing to do. I had left him once in the middle of the night. I left again while he was at work, but the reality of taking care of children alone always led me right back to the place I knew I had outgrown. Regardless of my countless attempts, I was determined to be successful once and for all. And more importantly, I planned to do it without feeling like I needed to kill him to do it. 

For now, I'll spare you guys the details of how I eventually found myself where I am today, but I will say this. Nothing and no one prepares you for the battle you have to fight the moment you decide to leave an abusive relationship. For me, I had to face the raw emotions of my children, who had been hurt during that rollercoaster I was trapped in. I had to face judges and courtrooms when all I wanted to do was hide out and grieve. I had to hold it all together on days when it was hard just to have the will to live. 

While I'm not exactly where I would like to be, I am living out something I once prayed for. There was a time when the idea of living my life without his control felt like something I could only dream about. That is my reality now. While God may still have a few more things to fix and restore in my life, using most of the tools and resources provided in the new book that I co-authored with Dr. Allanah Roberts-Headley has empowered me to continue to have faith in the things that haven't manifested, yet. It has also caused me to do some self-reflecting and, more importantly, get back to the essence of who I am without domestic violence defining my story.  

Because I am grateful for what this book has been to me and my family, I wanted to give away the first ten days for FREE. All you have to do is click on this link, and a box will pop up. Provide your name and email, and you will receive it directly to your inbox.

Because domestic violence impacts so many people around the world, I want to encourage you to share this with a few people you care about. You never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors. Shoot, a lot of victims never realize they are in the abuse cycle until it has grown out of control. You sharing this can make a difference. 

Also, I really want to use this moment to thank my entire team over at LexxiKhan Presents Publishing. Without you all, we could never have achieved this in the amount of time that we did. Huge thank you to Joanne, Melinda, Amanda, and Calvin! Ya'll really are the best part of our dream team.

Essence of Survival is available here on, and by early next week, you'll be able to find it on your favorite online book retailer's website!





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