Check, Please! CoverTitle: Check, Please!

Author: Ngozi Ukazu

-This is sort of different from what I usually read, but my dear friends, it is gold. I have been introduced to the world of web-comics and I don’t wanna leave.

-It’s about this tiny southern boy who likes baking pies and used to be a figure skater, and he goes to college on a hockey scholarship. It is precious and I love it so so so SO MUCH.

-I might, or might not, have just re-read it like, 3 times.

-Me, right this moment: *sitting next to my uncle, hugging my computer, whispering over and over again* They’re so cutE.

-ALSO: It’s free!!! You can read the whole thing from the very beginning on Check, Please! (aaaand it hasn’t ended, she’s still updating it!)

-Please read this. I need people to talk to about all my fictional adopted children.