2016 Reading Challenge

Hello, fellow bookworms, it is I, the Stupidest Book Blogger To Ever Read.

Why am I stupid? Well, you see, in the beginning of the year I set myself a reading goal on Goodreads: By the end of 2016, I had to have read 100 books. It´s not a small challenge, but it´s not impossible, either. But 2016 is also my senior year in high school, and I´m also known to have absolutely no control over myself when it comes to reading (I just have a really, really hard time stopping when I have to do other things). So, as you see, the whole thing had FIASCO stamped all over it.

BUT, as of this last Tuesday, I completed my Reading Challenge! 8 months, 100 books, 1 incredibly stressed out teenage girl.


(No, really, I´m pretty happy. And I´m even sort of surviving school, so that has to count for something)