I don´t know if everyone´s aware of this, but there were a few Empire of Storms spoilers leaked recently, and the repercussions have been thoroughly confusing from my side of things. Some people were not very happy with what the spoilers revealed and for some strange and messed up reason decided to start sending hate to the book´s author, Sarah J. Maas.

I, for one, am very confused on why they decided that it was a good idea to do that. Don´t these people understand that this story is hers? It came from her mind! Every word, character, setting, dialogue…everything that we know and love about this book series exists because Sarah thought it up, and then wrote it down. She could´ve just as well never shared this story with the world. Heck, she could´ve never even written down her ideas and kept them in her head. But, no, she decided to share this incredible story with us.

We joke that the characters are our “babies” but they are literally her mind´s children. She can do whatever she wants with them, because she invented them. All the interesting plot ideas and twists and turns of her books all came from her, not all of them happy. Why is it that suddenly people are acting like she´s done something awful? She is doing her job, she is doing what she loves. We all know that Sarah loves surprising us and tricking us with words and turning our worlds upside down, so honestly, I never expected any less of her. I´m sure I´m not the only one who loves being surprised while reading a book.

And guys, even if you don´t like the book or certain aspects of it, that is no excuse to send hate. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to tell someone to kill themselves.

As you can probably tell, I´m a huge reader, and as all bookworms, I hate when people tell me “Calm down, it´s just a book”. But let´s get real for a second, it is just a book. Yes, it means a lot more than that for us readers, but it´s not acceptable to send hate to someone, much less over a story.

And what a story! Sarah, as we all know, is a genius mastermind. She´s given us two amazing book series, with characters and situations that show us that nothing is impossible, and that we should always be ourselves. Sarah herself is an incredibly cool person, who´s shown us all that through hard work we can reach our dreams. She deserves all our love and respect.

So, let´s do this fandom a favor: let´s be intolerant buttheads when it comes to hate. Call people out when they´re being nasty! Post positive things to the #istandwithsjm hashtag, showing your love for Sarah´s books on Instagram, your blog, Twitter, wherever. I have absolutely zero tolerance for hate. I will not admit it, and neither should you.