The first “big book” I read when I was little kid was Narnia, by C. S. Lewis. My copy had all the stories together, so to my tiny seven-year-old self it looked enormous. I remember thinking that it was probably the biggest book to ever be written…little did I know that although it wouldn´t be the longest story I´d ever read, it did play a huge part in transforming me into the bookworm you all know and love (hypothetically, since, you know, we haven´t really met, and although I hope you guys have fond feelings while scrolling through my blog, I doubt you actually love…you know what? I´ll just shut up).

Aaaaaanyway… as Buffy the Vampire Slayer is to all TV series, Narnia is a model of what fantasy books should look like. As a result of its wonders, I have a love for quirky fauns (doesn´t hurt that James McAvoy portrays Mr. Tumnus in the first movie), talking beavers, tough little girls and yes…Turkish Delight. Also, ever since I first read it, I´ve always wanted to take up swordfighting (even if I would probably end up cutting off my own foot or whatever).

The story is just so… I don’t know, innocent? Magical? Wonderful? All of the above, really. Everything is possible in this book, no matter what age or gender you are. You could be a ninety-year-old lady with a missing eye and you´d still be able to run around talking to magical trees. Lucy and Poly, two of the girls in the book, were wonderful characters in my seven-year-old mind, since I felt like if they could go in all of those adventures, so could I.

The characters are wonderful, the story is magical (even if it got sort of creepy sometimes…I mean, who wouldn´t be even a little bit freaked my the sacrifice of a really nice, talking lion? Or by a nasty witch who practices black magic on children?) and the plot strives to show people that amidst all the bad stuff, there is a lot of good.

But don’t get me started on the fact that most people have completely misguided ideas of what Narnia is really about, all because of the movies. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was the best one of the lot since it managed to capture the magical feeling that came with the story, but the next two movies went downhill. Prince Caspian wasn´t horrible, but dude, the last one was just plain weird (not the good weird, though). And so much of the real story is missing from the films…it´s kinda sad. Just ask anyone who´s never read the book but has watched the movie to answer the following questions: Who is Digory? And what did he do?

Honestly, this world deserved so much more. It´s a classic, and it´ll always hold a special place in my bookshelf (right next to Harry Potter and my bajillion copies of Lord of The Rings). Trust me, though, you´re never too old to delve into Narnia.