This isn´t really a review or anything even slightly organized, but I feel like I´m going to pop like a balloon if I don´t get these thoughts out (sort of SPOILERY),

I sat down today after a particularly nasty math homework assignment, and just thought to myself: You know what, I need to cheer myself up a bit. Sooo, naturally, I picked up the latest addition to my TBR pile -Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes- and  settled down with a nice cup of tea.

But here I am, six hours later, a sobbing mess, attempting to sort out my thoughts while  questioning the meaning of life and repeatedly wondering why do I keep doing this to myself. Why in the world do I like reading sad books? I honestly don´t know.

This. Freaking. Book.

I still don´t like how it ended, I hate what Will chose and what he did. It makes my chest ache and my eyes smart, and UGH! I can´t even think too much about it, because it makes me start crying all over again.I just keep imagining Will´s life before the accident, or what it could´ve been if he hadn´t chosen to do what he did, or if everything had been different and he and Lou had somehow met in an alternative universe where they fall in love like they did in the book, but there is no accident.

But at the same time, I don´t think I´ve ever felt this inspired to get off my rosy little butt and just DO something. I feel like there´s this tiny little fire in my chest and the story was kindle to the flames, because right now I feel jittery and excited about just going out there and doing stuff. I want to do something that will change someone´s life for the better. I want to explore and learn and organize and take an initiative.

And I keep getting hung up in these little moments from the book. Like the scene where Lou says that in their relationship his body was the least important part, and what she loved was talking to him. I loved that. And she wasn´t just saying it, either. In every scene, every dialogue, every new development, you can see she really meant it, and us readers start feeling like that too.

I have so many thoughts about this book, but I didn´t take any notes while reading it and I feel like it deserves a proper review later on. But I just really, really had to talk to someone about the wonderfulness that is Louisa Clark and how she´s a little ball of sunshine, showing everyone with her crazy clothes and constant chatter that it´s okay to be yourself.

P.s. Another side effect of this book: I really, really, really, REALLY wanna travel right now.