Morgan Matson is the Queen of Contemporary.

I´ve never been a fan of contemporary books; I´ve always leaned towards stuff with magic and other impossible things, but man, I could not set any of Morgan´s books down. In one week, I read Amy and Roger´s Epic Detour, Second Chance Summer, Since You´ve Been Gone and would´ve kept going, but I still had yet to get my grabby little paws around The Unexpected Everything (but I´ll buy it sometime soon *wallet screams in the distance*).

The books are just so DARN CUTE. I just wanted to reach into the pages, squeeze all the characters, and tell them that everything would be okay. In an unworthy summarize, the books usually consist of a girl, a boy, a summer and a routine-shattering adventure. These people, albeit fictional, seemed so, so real. Their quirks, mannerisms, flaws, personalities, appearances… it was like I was reading about real people. Goodbye, idealistic completely-perfect love interests. Goodbye, insta-love. Goodbye insta-attraction. Goodbye, insta-anything. The concept of love at first sight was out the window and I was free to let out a deep sigh of relief. Realistically developed characters and relationships FTW.

Honestly, every time I finished one of her stories, I had a hard time turning the last page. I just wanted to keep these characters alive and I really, really wanted to read about what was going to happen next. BUT, Morgan kinda solved that problem, because, to my complete surprise, characters from all three books keep popping up in each other´s stories. There I was, reading about a completely normal bagel run, when suddenly POP! There´s Amy waiting in line with her boyfriend! But waaaait…this isn´t even their story.  Ahh, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Also, I am a total sucker for road trips and adventurous to-do lists. It seems like the stories that Morgan chose to write have the perfect amount of opportunities to bring an extra somethin´ somethin´ to the plot, and she didn´t just take those opportunities, oh no, she freaking kidnapped them. The stories are just so INTERESTING. We get to read about a smorgasbord of characters and heart-pumping, laughter-inducing, shock-tastic situations. I had so much fun reading these books.

But, good God, woman! What´s with the utterly heart breaking stories? I cried so much during Second Chance Summer that I´m almost positive I permanently damaged my tear ducts. Plus, it really didn´t help that for some odd reason I kept imagining Gregory Peck as Taylor´s dad (looking like he did as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird). It´s just…ugh! Stop making me cry!

I love it.