Author: Tahereh Mafi


This book series is my baby. I will defend it until my last dying breath, with all my bookworm sweat, blood and unused muscles. This is one of those rare cases where you can judge a book by its cover, since the entire series is sporting some really jaw-dropping cover art and the story is nothing short of amazing.

You´re probably like, “Aw man, I can´t handle another stupid dystopian YA,” but I´m going to stop you right there. First of all, this is probably one of the most original futuristic books I´ve ever read, not just in the plot department, but also in style.

The main character, Juliette, is a lil´ bit crazy in the beginning, and we see it on the pages, with crossed out sentences and words repeating over and over again. Like this like this like this like this like this. We see her confusion and insecurities, in the way her thoughts are written. But what´s really cool, is that as the story progresses and she grows more confident and sure of herself, the repeated words and crossed out sentences slowly disappear. By the last book, her thoughts are her own and she is not scared or ashamed of who she is.

Before I continue, small disclaimer: good character development is my Achilles heel. I love it with all my heart and soul. Stale, never-changing characters are the bane of my existence. So basically, to my eyes this book is printed in gold.

I will now bring out my embarrassing fangirl side and freak out about the adorableness that is Aaron Warner. He is my child and must be protected at all costs (says the teenage girl about the highly trained leader and fighter). I´m pretty sure that if I ever had one of those moments where you wake up in a strange place with a surprising new tattoo, mine would be like the one he has. Ya know, that one (*cough*onthehip*cough*). Honestly, at first I was all Team Adam but then I discovered the error of my ways and pretty much hung on to Warner like a demented Spider-Monkey. My two weaknesses: Good character development and anti-heroes.

And I cannot express this enough: read the novellas! READ THEM! They offer a lot more insight into the minds of two very important people called Adam and Warner. Like, really.

Also, you know how people always always say that the first book in a series is always the best and the last tends to be the worst? This is not the case. The first is amazing, the second is amazing and the third is SPECTACULAR. Ignite Me is one of my all-time favorite books, and is definitely my favorite conclusion. There is nothing better than the “formerly-underestimated-female-character-comes-back-with-a-vengeance-and-delivers-a-major-ass-kicking” trope. It leaves me all warm and fuzzy.

So, basically, gorgeous covers + mind-blowing plot + awesome characters + unique style = one hell of a good book series.

P.s. Have any of you even seen the author, Tahereh Mafi? She has the coolest fashion sense, and I doubt there´s anyone else who could pull it off like she does.

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