If you, for some strange reason, are trying to devise a plan to speak to me, just know that there is one topic that will never fail to get me going: Harry Potter. I can honestly talk about this scarred, black-haired kid and his universe for hours on end.

But at the same time, I never felt like I could review these books. It almost felt like it would be sacrilege doing so, because I would never, ever be able to do the books justice. I can´t possibly discuss every detail, describe every theory, rant about every character or even babble about every new scenery. And because of that, I could never get myself to write reviews for these books, because this story deserves more (and seriously, that would be the longest review ever).

Honestly, when people ask me what my favorite book is, I don’t even bother saying Harry Potter, because that´s a given. And when I do reveal my obsession with this series, people tend to go “No, I mean, besides that,” because everyone expects people to love this Quidditch-obsessed teenager and all his shenanigans.

And then, someone who obviously took a hit to the head drops a sentence like “I don´t like it,” and people take a step back, a child cries and somewhere in the planet a fairy dies. Any type of dislike or hate towards this magical world is met with disbelief, astonishment and confusion. This speaks to the true reach of J. K. Rowling´s story, and how it has affected the lives and mentalities of thousands.

For many readers, myself included, Hogwarts has become a second home. Despite the creatures, dangers and grown-ups with very little regard to the well-being of children, this world represents warmth and a safe haven of sorts. Since I read these books for the first time when I was seven, the story´s become an escape for when real life´s turned sour, real people morphed into boogeymen and real words have become knives.  J. K. Rowling created a universe full of magic, fantasy, adventures and possibility.

I can rant for hours and hours and hours and hours about the controversies of Snape and his need of shampoo, about Remus and Tonks and the unfairness of life, about the actual teddy bear that is Viktor Krum, about the absolute wonder and honesty of the Golden Trio, about my undying love for the Marauders, about the layers that make up a certain unstable someone called Tom Riddle, about the differences between Book Ginny and Movie Ginny, about the need for a house-elf awareness program… I can go on and on and on.

Harry Potter got me into reading, started my love for books, and because of this series I am who I am today. I will cherish and love this story for the rest of my life. Thank you, J. K. Rowling.