We have a saying, in this fandom of ours, that goes: “Jennifer L. Armentrout has done it again.” With her unique style and rib-cracking humor, Jennifer manages to leash our hearts and tug them around with every book she releases.

In all honesty, very few book series have truly stuck with me through the years without fading out. Usually, I´ll remember that I liked the story, but it´s more like a memory, while my love for the thoroughly incredible books remains unscathed; they never fail to make me laugh or cry at a moment´s notice, no matter how many years it´s passed since I last read them.

The Lux Series has been hot-glued to my heart.

It´s witty, hilarious, shocking, deeply moving, exciting and thoroughly satisfying. Granted, it does set some very unrealistic standards when it comes to teenage boys, but man, that´s one of the reasons I read: to escape into a more fantastic world than my own.

Now, going into weirder territory, I bet I´m not the only who feels like the characters from books have become my friends. But it seems like a natural thing to feel, I mean, I went through every emotionally-jarring experience in the Lux saga, right along with Katy and Daemon. I was with them the entire time, crying, laughing, screaming, cursing, fighting… I love these characters with my whole soul. They´re unique, and even when they decided to act as frustratingly as possible, they stick with you. Man, I just want to hang out with them (and partake in their adventures).

Okay, maybe the covers don’t do the books any justice (my friend honestly thought I was reading erotica), but that just means that us readers need to pull on our bookseller pants on, and talk people´s heads off about the awesomeness that is Jennifer L. Armentrout´s writing.

Seriously, though, if you haven´t read these books yet, what are you doing?