I´m just going to come out and say it: 2015 was not a very good year for me. I felt sad about everything, even if there was no reason for me to feel like that. But after two amazing years of living abroad and one year adjusting to life back in my home country, I just felt sad. My friendships felt shallow, school was a disaster and I felt like I was stuck in a cage. The only thing that actually made me happy was reading.

Last year was my experimental year with this blog. Now I know I can really do this, and I´m gonna sit my butt down and focus. Which brings me to my Extremely Late New Year´s Resolutions.

Step 1: I´m going to buy a calendar.

Not a digital one, but a plain old paper one, that I can hang up on my wall and write on it. There´s something very satisfying about writing down a responsibility or chore and being able to cross it out after you´re done with it. Also, I´m gonna be slightly dramatic and say the calendar is symbolic; I´m going to kick laziness to the curb and organize myself.

Step 2: Establish a routine.

This fits right into the whole organization thing. By establishing a routine, I´ll be able to really get things done, trampling procrastination and focusing on what I have to get done. This is my last school year before college (holy crap) and I have so. much. to. do. It´s crazy. And only with a routine and a schedule will I be able to balance out school stuff, college stuff, blog stuff, and all the other stuff that comes with life.

This year I can only wish that I, and every one of you, will have space to grow, change, and become who we want to become, not caring even a little bit what other people think about us. Be strong, hold on to what you believe in, and dream big.